Jambo !!! [Hello!!!]

Jambo !!! [Hello!!!]
HOPE deferred makes the heart sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life, Proverbs 13:12.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

God will come through

When your eyes can't see the evidence, trust what you know is true. Just because we can't see anything happening doesn't mean the Lord is uninvolved. His eyes roam throughout the earth "that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His" (2 Chron. 16:9).

Monday, May 17, 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~Kenya2011MISSION TRIP:~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ June 5th ~~--~~ June 20th~~~~~~~~~~~

Mission Objectives:
*Jesus Film in the people’s HEART language (http://www.intotheriver.us/)

*Drilling Water Well (http://gocrossway.org/wherewework/kenya/ )

• Children’s Story Book

• LIO Bookmarks

• Fellowship/ Assessing Impact of past trips

Mission Anchor:
"The attitude of faith moves God  -- Just Believe". Ephesians 3:20

Unforgetables--2010 Mission Trip

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pictures and Update for Thursday in Kenya

Shopping at Funyula Market

Sharing the Wordless Book with kids at Sijoa

New baby Eric (less than a week old, this is Sango's nephew)

Baby Eric yawning

Homes in Sango's village

Kids lined up at Sigulu school to recieve a Bible

Thursday we visited the Funyula Market and saw more of the culture of Kenya. We met some of Sango’s family and saw their shops. One nephew was selling clothing and two others sell grain for planting. From there we went to the Sijoa church and met with the Pastor and members. We shared introductions and prayed together. Then we went to the Sijoa Primary school. The students had just been dismissed for lunch so we rested and some played soccer with the kids who stayed at the school. Then the kids were assembled by grades and students in grades 3-8 were presented with a New Testament, pencil and a scripture book mark. The children in grades 1 & 2 were given a Wordless Book and a pencil. Heather and Walter explained the Gospel using the Wordless Book to the children in grades 1 and 2. As the older grades were dismissed they heard Heather speaking and were interested in the message and gathered around to listen.
We said our goodbyes to the Sijoa School and headed just down the road to the Sugulu Primary school. We were met by many happy faces and the teachers quickly had the children assemble in classes. We were able to present every student in grades 4-8 with a New Testament Bible, pencil and bookmark. There were more students than we expected but praise God we had enough Bibles to share! The younger students had already gone home for the day. We said goodbye and went back to the Sijoa church.

We were planning to show the Jesus Film here tonight but the sky made us wonder if the rain would be joining us. We finally decided to not show the film until tomorrow because the rain worsened. We returned to the Farmview Hotel in Busia and enjoyed dinner together. God blessed us with another wonderful day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happenings of Wednesday night

Group of woman at Umuhula village we visited Wednesday night

Group welcoming us to their church in Umuhula  village Wednesday night

Our team has been very busy for the last few days. We have been busy doing God’s work. We left the Kisumu area and traveled to Busia Town, located at the western edge of Kenya. On the way we stopped at the Umuhula village near Sega Town. We talked with the church leaders and shared the Jesus film. When we arrived, the people sitting in the circle seemingly worshiping an “unknown god.” We had the privilege of sharing who this unknown God was and what He has done for them. Most of the village accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise and Honor be to God!!!! God is so good. Please continue to pray for us.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God is so good

Here are some images from our previous days ministries.

The children here are grateful for the small gifts [New Testament, bookmark and pencil]  that God has provided us with to give them.  We have had a lot of fun playing with and talking with them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Word Called "WOW"

Tuesday the Lord displayed his majesty in mighty ways! We started the day by splitting into two teams. One of our teams went to Kisumu to pick up supplies while the other team went to a high school to share the Gospel with the 11th and 12th graders.  The Spirit moved through Tyler to deliver a particularly powerful message to the students. Our teams then combined to meet with the leaders of the Vokoli Friends Church and High School. We encouraged them to pray about and look into building a local P.E.T. factory. God provided two P.E.T.s to bring to Kenya, and yesterday we were blessed to give Ken at Mambai Friends Church one of the P.E.T.s. He and the community appreciated the gift very much. Ken has suffered from Polio and the inability to use his legs his whole life. Now he can transport himself where he wants to go. From now on Ken is a moving testimony that God loves equally the least and the greatest in the world’s eyes. After the meeting with the church leaders, one team went back to Mambai Friends Church to worship God through praise and through their excellent choir. Kim and Heather presented the Bible Cloth (which explains the story of the Bible through pictures), Steve admonished the Believers to read the Bibles that our team brought the church and community and to live our their faith, and Theresa from Special Ministries lead many in a prayer of salvation and deliverance.

The other team went to the Wagelevi Primary School and met with the teachers and students. We were able to give 200 Bibles to the children, as well as pencils and Bible verse bookmarks. We told them that we would be back at 6:30 in the evening to show the ‘Jesus Film’. The children and teachers were very encouraged. The Physical Education teacher was happy to receive 2 soccer balls, also.

After our worship at the church and ministry at the school, the teams traveled with some of the church leaders to dinner. In the meantime, the Jesus film played in the Luragoli language at the church for those who didn’t see it the previous day. In the evening, we brought the film equipment back to the Wagelevi School and played the Jesus Film in the school yard. We prayed for no rain, but the rain came about an hour into the film. We didn’t know why God chose to allow rain until we got back to our missionary hotel in Kisumu. Because Sango and Tom couldn’t access their room and their keys were nowhere to be found, they had to call the worker, Eunice, to help. When our brother Walter (from Special Ministries) came to help us access the room, God put it on Walter’s heart to respond to Eunice’s inquiries regarding our evangelism. Walter shared the Good News and a new Bible and Eunice accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! At that point we realized why God allowed the rain to fall on the village where we played the Jesus film – God used that chain of events to lead one stray sheep back to the flock. We were all so excited that Sango exclaimed, “Thank God there’s a word called ‘wow’”!!

 John & Kimberly from Into the River [http://www.intotheriver.us/]
Set up to show the Jesus Film outside

Tom handing out Bible to the children at Wagelevi

Tyler with some teachers from Wagelevi:  the person in red accepted Christ when Sango came in 2007 and was very glad to recieve a copy of the Bible

Tyler and Mr. Amisi speaking with the Students at Vokoli Girls Secondary School

Walter with Eunice at the Hotel - she accepted Christ tonight

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pictures from Monday, May 04, 2010

Ken recieving the P.E.T. that God provided for him

Children playing
Today we went to Mambai to share God’s story with the local church and with the primary school. We presented each child in grades 3 through 8 with a bookmark, a pencil, and a New Testament, approximately 400 in total. The children were very excited. When they discovered that we had the Jesus Film showing at the church across a field, all the children ran off yelling and jumping because they wanted to see the video. They completely forgot that we said we had three soccer balls for them, which was the item that, when we told the children what we were going to give them, received the loudest applause. After dark, we set up the screen and supplies outside in the field by the school and showed the film again. Many individuals accepted Christ. The children here are hungry for God.
Children with their new pencils, bookmarks, and NEW TESTAMENTS!!!!
We arrived in Kenya Saturday night. The flights went well, but they were very long (8 hours each). Sunday morning, we took a plane flight from Nairobi to Kisumu to go to church at Special Ministries Hope Center in Kisumu (the name of this Hope Center is BarKorumba). We linked up with John and Kim of Into the River at Kisumu and proceeded to the church where the leaders and congregation had been waiting for us to arrive to have the church service. The service was good. We were able to share our individual testimonies (with the aid of a translator) to the congregation. The church service began at 9:00 AM (we arrived at 11:00 AM) and lasted until 3:30 PM. It was a great experience and we gave 250 Bibles to the people of the Church. We were going to show the Jesus Film (using John and Kim’s equipment) at this same church Sunday night, but there was a harsh thunderstorm, and we thought no one would come. People did show up and wanted to see the video, so we showed it. When Pastor Walter gave the call to Christ about 20 people came forward to accept Him as their Savior.

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